“The plant would have been our salvation”


Columnists like Thomas Friedman and other Greens are thrilling over Environmental Defense’s successful negotiation with two big New York investment firms to buy out Texas utility TXU and reduce its planned expansion of 11 coal-fired power plants to three in order to “save the planet.”

Writes Friedman: “TXU not only didn’t understand that the world was getting green; it didn’t understand that the world was getting flat. ‘Going online,’ (Env. Defense president) Fred Krupp said, ‘we shifted this from a local debate over generating electricity to a national debate over capping and reducing carbon emissions.’”

And by shifting the issue to a “national debate,” comfortable Greens in New York City can blithely ignore the devastating economic consequences the deal has had on local Texas communities.

Never mind the loss of needed electricity generation, thanks to a nice piece of reporting in USA Today Wednesday we now know the human sacrifice that was made to satisfy Green dogma. Reporter John Ritter visited just one town devastated by the plants’ cancellation:

“This county seat of 4,100 was primed for an economic windfall from a coal-fired power plant that utility company TXU Corp. planned to build. . . . In Colorado City and surrounding Mitchell County, ‘there were lots of long faces,’ Mayor Jim Baum says. ‘The plant would have been our salvation, even more so than the discovery of oil.’

Up to 3,000 workers would have poured in for three years of construction, spending their pay at local stores. The plant, once operating, would have provided more than 100 high-paying jobs and hundreds more in support businesses. Tax revenue from TXU’s estimated $1 billion investment could have cut local taxes in half, Baum says.”


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