Ethanol Theater


As part of his “Just Say No to Oil” campaign, President Bush hosted the Big Three automakers at the White House this morning to flog ethanol as an answer to global warming and oil independence. It’s maddening to watch industry play its role in this Washington charade, but Big Auto execs subscribe to the theory that “if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”


The automakers’ joint statement contained this jewel which might as well have come from the Goracle himself:


“We appreciate the President meeting with us today on issues that are critical to reducing our nation’s gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. All three companies conveyed to the President their support for reducing gasoline consumption in the U.S.”


Of course, automakers have no control over gasoline consumption. Consumers consume gasoline. Automakers simply build what their customers demand. As everyone on that White House lawn knows, only government can effect consumption by making it more expensive – and everyone on that lawn knows that no sane politician is going to propose raising gas taxes.


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