The Goremobile


Al and Tipper arrived at Wednesday’s Capitol hearings in a spanking new, black 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Ford touts the “the most fuel efficient SUV in the world” as going over 30 percent farther on a tank of gas than a standard Mariner (32 mpg vs. 20).

Or, as the Goracle might say: “If your baby has a fever. . . you should feed it just two-thirds of a spoonful of poison.”

Of course, morality doesn’t come cheap: The $30,000 Mariner hybrid stickers for $5 grand more than the standard model. Uncle Sam chips in a bit with a $3000 tax break. And the Gores own two – one for DC, the other for their 10,000 square foot Nashville home.

So that’s a $6000 subsidy we taxpayers are putting in St. Gore’s collection box.


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