Yes, things are bad here when it comes to the elites trying to stifle dissenting speech. But consider this depressing update from the European front, particularly the leading Spanish classical liberal think tank Instituto Juan de Mariana, which is in the papers, on radio, and the go-to voice in fighting the energy scarcity agenda on TV [they are so effective that their President, Dr. Gabriel Calzada, tells me that during a commercial break his Greenpeace debating partner hissed at him their badge of honor: “you are a very dangerous man, and you must be stopped!” (disclosure, I have a non-paying position as Senior Fellow with IJM)].

It is apparently the pressure groups’ governmental patrons who are being most effective at imposing a speech code: this past week, IJM was universally informed by those Spanish companies who in the past were most likely to support free-market voices that they now fear reprisal from Zapatero’s Socialist government if it is discovered that they continue to do so.

Translated, we appreciate that you are arguing against governmental policies that do harm to us. But we are afraid that if they see us together, they will institute policies that will do harm to us. Sigh.


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