Where is Monty Python When You Need Them?

by Steven F. Hayward

Watching Hollywood gush over Al Gore last night put me in the frame of mind of Monty Python’s sendup of the Academy Awards in Episode 39 (“Grandstand”) where host Eric Idle nails the vorbose pomposity of Oscar night:  “No, not that moment. Although that moment is coming, in a moment. The moment I’m talking about is the moment when we present the award for the cast with the most awards award, and this year is no exception.”

Gore certainly qualifies for the man with the most awards award, symbolicly speaking, since it is obvious the ceremony included his duet with Leo DeCaprio just in case Gore’s film didn’t win the Oscar–thay had to make sure he got before the microphone somehow.  Eric Idle’s spoof could have come straight from Leo:

“There can be no finer honour than to welcome into our midst tonight a guest who has not only done only more than not anyone for our Society, but nontheless has only done more.”

Sounds like Hollywood’s view of our Al.

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