Media Misses


MSNBC has an article up on a new report on how climate change is going to cause major water problems in the American southwest. But it is totally misleading the reader as to what’s really going on. Compare MSNBC’s coverage to the very fair coverage in today’s NY Times. Just to compare headlines…

MSNBC: Behold the incredible shrinking Colorado River; Experts: Even worse water shortages possible due to warming, populationvsNY Times: That ‘Drought’ in Southwest May Be Normal, Report Says
What MSNBC misses is that the report made it clear that water usage figures for the area are based on data from the late 1800s, an extremely wet period. The amount of water going into the Colorado River has been overestimated for years, which is why there’s a problem today. Municipalities have water plans that use water that never existed.


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