BP Spill Shows We Need to Pass BP’s Bill?


For those of you who watched Hannity on Fox News last night and wondered why an “eco-entrepreneur” was allowed to discuss President Obama’s claim that the Gulf spill shows that we need his cap-n-trade scheme — with no other guest — it was because a storm here in Charlottesville left me all made up pretty and sitting in a chair with the satellite connections fried out.

So, here is essentially the rejoinder that you would have heard:

Obama’s argument goes that, with BP having been reckless and the administration incompetent, we need a massive new tax increase on all of us to make energy more expensive. This makes sense only in the land of Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste.

How do you know there’s no good reason for any particular agenda? When the reasons — or excuses — offered for pursuing that agenda keep changing.So it is that a global-warming tax became a climate-change tax, then somehow a job-creation energy tax, and then a national-energy-security tax, and now is an energy tax to show how engaged and angry President Obama is at BP’s oil spill.

But in his Pittsburgh remarks announcing this new logic, the president failed to note the disconnect in lashing out at BP by . . .  passing a light-switch tax that John Kerry admits BP helped to write, and is the most aggressive lobbyist for. Yeah, take that BP!

Instead, he said “The next generation will not be held hostage to energy sources from the last century.” No. That would be too good for them. Instead, he seeks to hold them hostage to his beloved windmills, which are technology of, at best, the century before that.

If decades of eight-dollar gas and wasteful windmill schemes were all that were necessary to inspire the invention of pixie dust and flying cars and our final victory over those stubborn laws of physics, wouldn’t those things already have been achieved in Europe, considering how long they’ve been entertaining such energy-policy nonsense? Instead, all they have achieved is chronic double-digit unemployment, the flight of manufacturing jobs (including steel jobs to Carroll Country, KY), and now bankrupt nations, as even the Spanish socialist government has admitted.

But none of this takes away from the disconnect between one company’s negligence and one administration’s incompetence — meaning we get stuck with a huge energy tax, killing jobs and harming seniors and the poor while driving us closer to Europe’s disastrous model. The truth of course is that this is just a cynical Power Grab using whatever excuse they can find to repeat Europe’s economic disaster here as part of their fundamental transformation of America.


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