Obama to Plug . . . Cap-and-Trade


Cap-and-trade turns out to be a dish, like Obama’s revenge, that is best served cold.

Tonight (building up to his highly touted if oddly delayed meeting with BP) President Obama will no doubt vow to hit BP right where it hurts — which apparently is in your pocketbook — with a massive energy tax known as “carbon cap-and-trade.”

Although President Obama now dares not speak its name — pollster Stanley Greenberg advised that it be hailed as a “green jobs” and “clean energy” plan instead, as noted in my book Power Grab — candidate Obama previously boasted with impressive acumen that the same scheme would cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket.”

Precisely 4,700 days prior, BP’s CEO last met in the Oval Office. Then, Tony Hayward’s predecessor John Browne joined Enron’s Ken Lay to tout their new invention which, in one of those curiosities of history, they had decided to call “carbon cap-and-trade.”

Take that, America. Er, BP.

Incidentally, here’s a flashback on the issue and Al Gore’s craven dishonesty, denying in congressional testimony that he knew about any such Oval Office machinations.


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