Obama’s Oil Spill Speech: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste


The country wants a cap on the well. So President Obama will give them . . . cap and trade?

Barack Obama’s first Oval Office speech reinforced the notion of a president so driven by ideology that he cannot see the crisis at his feet. When he entered office in 2009, the nation wanted a laser focus on creating jobs. Obama gave them $800 billion in reckless “stimulus” spending that only stimulated Democratic special interests.

In 2010, as the public recoiled from debt and lack of jobs, the president gave them Obamacare — good and hard.

Now, as Gulf Coast communities want help for their tourism and fishing industries, the president gives them a radical Big Government scheme to regulate carbon dioxide and drive up their energy costs.

Detect a pattern?

“The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now,” he said. No, it’s a reminder that BP screwed up and the feds need to mobilize to protect beaches until the well is capped. Cap-and-trade? Wait until the public learns the very firm that helped write the cap-and-trade bill will profit from its “punishment.”

For this White House, the BP spill is not a disaster — it’s another chance to fundamentally transform America.


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