Michigan: Biden’s Recovery Act Tour Begins with a Gift to Big Green


Detroit — Green Joe Biden kicked off his latest big friggin’ deal — the “Summer Recovery Act” tour — in Midland, Michigan, yesterday by showering more taxpayer green on Big Green. You thought the Recovery Act was about unemployment benefits and putting working class people to work on road projects? Think again.

Standing in front of a giant diesel fuel–guzzling Caterpillar D6R LGP bulldozer, Biden announced your gift of $161 million of “stimulus” dollars to Fortune 500 mainstay Dow (headquartered in Midland) to begin work on a lithium-ion battery factory.

“This is a gigantic start,” said the Veep about a facility he claimed will produce 60,000 plug-in hybrids, or 30,000 electric vehicles, per year for the well-to-do green consumer. At least until the federal money runs out.

Biden was joined by Senator Debbie “I Can Feel Global Warming When I Fly” Stabenow and Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who has championed a centrally planned, Washington-funded “Green belt” transformation of the old Rust Belt — which was killed off by union greed, an inconvenient fact not mentioned in this polite Democratic company.

Also inconvenient to Biden’s message was that similar market socialism ventures in Europe have been drying up as debt loads have forced governments to pare back Dow-like ventures that can’t stand on their own two feet without government crutches.

Biden’s boss, President Obama, has expressed his Granholm-like vision of a government-run economy that “finally makes clean energy the profitable kind of energy for America’s businesses. We can’t afford not to.”

Actually, as Mr. Obama’s friends in Europe are finding, we can afford not to.


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