Dredging the Files


So, the Fish and Wildlife Service has halted the limited, long-delayed dredging for material to build barrier shoals/isles/berms designed to stop oil from hitting sensitive coastal areas in the Gulf.  

FWS has concerns about the dredging. Mean to fish, or something. And I suppose that the oil making its way to the shore won’t. Here you see the church of bureaucracy — Our Lady of Perpetual Delay and Obstruction — in action.  

Look, by now we have learned to never, ever again listen to an environmentalist howl about catastrophic environmental harm.  

They do that when they claim coal will kill hundreds of thousands (when, actually, it has liberated hundreds of millions) — even as they maintain that no, nuclear plants shouldn’t be built. Al Gore has claimed “I’ve been to Chernobyl. I’ve been to Three Mile Island” (huh?). At moments like this, we recall that DNC memo describing Gore’s missing sense of proportion, specifically chuckling in trepidation over his “equat[ing] a failure to recycle aluminum cans with the Holocaust.”  

I have Freedom of Information Act requests at EPA, NOAA, the Coast Guard, and the Army Corps of Engineers asking for discussions and other evidence of green-group involvement with administration decisions not to burn off the oil before compounds evaporated and the oil became too well mixed, not to allow foreign-flagged/crewed vessels in U.S. waters to help and, of course, not to permit this dredging activity.

Thanks to precedent in the D.C. courts — styled, as luck would have it, Horner v. EPA — I would also note that responsive documents include those from April 21 up to the date the agency complies. Not up to the date, last month, that the requests began to arrive — as most requesting parties satisfy themselves with. But up to the time they play ball, disincentivizing agency dallying. 

FOIA is there to answer questions. We’re asking them.


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