BP Spill: How Many Gallons of Gas?


Think that historic spill in the Gulf is a lot of oil? Think again.

The Associated Press reports that if you were able to convert the oil spilled thus far in the Gulf into gasoline, it would produce only about 60 million gallons of gas — or the amount that American drivers burn every three hours and 43 minutes.

That’s it: three and a quarter hours of gas consumption.

So much for oil independence. The statistic highlights how integral oil is to the transportation economy both here and abroad. With thousands of wells all over the world pumping out an essential commodity every day, the 168 million barrels of oil that have leaked from the BP well is a fraction of the 306 billion gallons that Americans alone consume annually.

The Obama adminsitration’s political abuse of the BP spill to pursue “oil independence” is a fantasy.

The problem of soiled beaches, lost jobs, and lost tourism dollars is real. It’s a shame that hasn’t been the administration’s top priority since day one.


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