Obama Blames Europe for U.S. Economic Woes!


Remember President Obama saying, over and over, and over and over again, that we should “think about what’s happening in countries like Spain,” among other European social-democratic examples he trotted out (depending on the stump speech) if we wanted to see his model for centrally planning a “green economy.”  

Planet Gore readers know it is level ground that those countries deeply harmed themselves with precisely these schemes. Those nations now are uniformly cutting back on their renewable-energy boondoggles even as Obama recommits himself to establishing them here. And his dogmatic refusal to do anything but pump the gas faster and harder — despite a scolding from those who now see what they have wrought — is scaring the heck out of U.S. markets.  

So when “Obama blames Europe woes for US economic ‘headwinds’” — as the Irish Independent headline today puts it — you know something unusual is transpiring.  

On one level, Obama is correct to blame Europe’s woes for scaring markets in the U.S. — but the markets are scared about his effort to impose here the very policies that caused Europe’s woes. As I noted earlier, it is unfortunate when a president is so fixated on blaming others. Intentionally or otherwise, he tends to miss what’s actually going on.  

Re-creating Spain et al.’s obviously costly energy schemes here is one thing. Re-creating them after seeing that they have proven to be unsustainable disasters — materially contributing to the Continent’s present state of teetering on an economic precipice — is far worse. But to then blame the Europeans for U.S. economic uncertainty inspired by your own “look to Europe” policies is pathological.


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