Yes, Virginia, Wind Turbines Do Explode


Oh dear. I suppose the greens will now call for a moratorium on new wind until we find out what went wrong?

Of course, in affirming that this video is no fake, Snopes pauses to lament all the “energy we waste” by not using more wind power. After all, hurricanes are strong.

Yep, the wind and the sun are free. Wind power and solar power are bloody expensive. Coal under your land is as free as the wind that blows across any parcel suitable for wind- or solar-energy production: It takes money to convert all three of them to energy, and only one of them can be converted economically.

There’s plenty of energy in the world, Snopes. The trick is being able to capture, store, and transport it efficiently. Personally, I won’t be building my home on an active volcano to save on my winter heating bills. I’m perfectly content to waste that energy.


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