Reid’s Lame Effort to Pass Climate Bill


Following up on this item, we read in The Hill today: “Reid to advance limited oil spill and energy bill, delaying climate action.”

Reid to delay climate action until lame-duck Congressional session should be the postscript, given that this tactic gets them to conference (even if
conference were to begin before the elections).

All members of Congress should be pressed to decry this effort — which denials of course won’t be worth the paper they are written on once the race to be ambassador to Bermuda kicks in on November 3, but which at the very least would focus the public’s attention on what Reid and company may be up to. Remind your representatives that there is no free “Hey I didn’t vote for cap-and-trade!” vote. A vote for this Reid ploy is a vote to move to conference on cap-and-trade.

Another sure-fire remedy to this brigandism is to immediately undue any lame-duckism.



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