By All Means, Let’s Look to Europe

by Chris Horner

Planet Gore readers well know that Europe’s “green economy” — and the subsidies underpinning this latest version of central planning — have all collapsed under their own weight (after compounding Europe’s economic crisis). Nonetheless, Barack Obama presses ever harder to impose the same calamity here.

A reminder came in today’s lead “Climate Wire” story, the abstract of which reads:

1. NATIONS: Europe slashes low-carbon energy subsidies as budgets shrink LONDON — What appears to be a bonfire of low-carbon energy subsidies has been lit in Europe as cash-strapped countries grapple with their empty coffers and start to cut back on what many see as over-generous support for industries from wind to solar that has created a green energy bubble. Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic have all announced subsidy cuts, and there are fears that the United Kingdom, making budget cuts across the board as it desperately seeks to reduce a deficit of over 160 billion pounds, will be tempted to go even further.

(A deficit of 160 billion pounds? How quaint.) A little further down, we see:

8. AUTOS: U.K. government cuts electric car subsidies by 80%

As our British friends evidence an acute case of buyer’s remorse on going green, what is our Congress preparing to do? Pass an “energy” bill throwing more taxpayer money at electric car interests, once again running the other way.

So, what ever happened to the tiresome idea of “look at what’s happening in Europe”?

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