A+ for SUV profits

by Henry Payne

If the Obama administration had any sense, they’d be giving grades to autos by the amount of money they make. Sport utes would get an A+, and hybrids would get a D.

August sales are in, and the only bright spot for automakers is that their most profitable vehicles — SUVs and pickups — are selling in an otherwise down market. Industry insiders saw the increase in truck sales as a positive trend even as Washington introduced a letter-grading system shaming the purchase of trucks as gas-guzzling warming threats.

Chrysler was the only major manufacturer to see a sales increase – thanks in large part to strong sales of its crucial new Jeep Cherokee as well as strong sales of its iconic minivan. Both vehicles get “C” grades from an Obama administration obsessed with green.

Perhaps they should be more obsessed with monetary green since the more profitable SUVs Detroit sells, the quicker taxpayers get their bailout money back.

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