The White House and Solar Power

by Henry Payne

A couple of thoughts on Greg’s post below about the White House solar-panel denial. The Hill reports that “the Obama administration has rebuffed climate activist Bill McKibben’s bid for re-installation of a White House solar panel put up by Carter.”

Perhaps this beleaguered White House said no because it can ill-afford any more comparisons to the peanut farmer’s administration. More significantly, the administration told McKibben that the “White House roof was not available for a gesture with very little energy-saving potential.” Really? So why are we taxpayers subsidizing 30 percent of the cost of residential solar panel installation with federal tax credits?

Thirty years after Carter’s stunt, solar is still “the energy source of the future” — a shimmering mirage on the horizon. But the Obamabots have learned something from dithering ol’ Jimmy: These days, if alternatives don’t work, Washington will mandate them with a national renewable power standard.

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