J.D. Power Predicts Slow Electric-Car Adoption

by Greg Pollowitz

Not so shocking news. Los Angeles Times:

Even as General Motors Co. and Nissan Motor Co. get ready to launch electric cars into the marketplace, a new report from auto industry market research company J.D. Power & Associates said that sales of such vehicles would lack juice.

Technology geeks and environmentalists are expected to go wild over the first mass-market electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles when they hit auto showrooms in the coming months, but most consumers will balk because of technology concerns and because gas prices aren’t high enough to send them searching for an alternative-fuel option, according to the study.

Nissan plans to start selling its battery electric Leaf compact sedan by year’s end. General Motors is expected to launch its Volt, which uses an electric motor to drive the car and a gas engine that acts as a range-extending power generator when the batteries run out of power, around the same time.

J.D. Power said Wednesday that it expected combined global sales of hybrid-electric vehicles and battery-electric vehicles to reach just 5.2 million vehicles in 2020, or 7.3% of the 70.9 million autos expected to be sold that year.

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