The End of High-Speed Rail in the Midwest?

by Greg Pollowitz

Think Progress has done the work for us and is pointing out all the new Republicans who are about to kill the high-speed trains to nowhere. (So send them a note of encouragement.) An excerpt:

Republicans who were elected on Tuesday are beginning to deliver on their campaign promises to kill America’s future. Within hours of declaring victory, the incoming tea-party governors of Wisconsin and Ohio stood fast on pledges to kill $1.2 billion in funding for high-speed rail in their states. The funding, part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will revert to the federal government for investment in other states  unless Republicans in Congress are able to kill that, too. Walker warned he would fight President Obama to keep the Milwaukee-Madison link killed “if he tries to force this down the throats of the taxpayers.” Kasich – who called the high-speed rail project linking Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati “one of the dumbest ideas” he’s ever heard – used his victory speech to announce, “That train is dead

The rest here.

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