Once You Go USCAP, You Can Go Back


How about this? Former USCAP member, cap-and-trade energy-rationing lobbyist Caterpillar is buying mining-equipment manufacturer Bucyrus (remember them?). This comes on the heels of CAT slipping away from USCAP, which in turn came after an admirably dogged education campaign and pursuit for explanation by Tom Borelli.
Yes, yes, this is styled as “Caterpillar is expanding its mining business as coal and metals producers raise investment to meet growing demand from emerging economies.” (Bloomberg, emphasis added)
But to pretend that this does not signal that CAT’s inane, admittedly not well-considered flirtation with a politically correct agenda is finished is to ignore as much as any number CEOs had to ignore to buy their consultants’ advice that cap-n-trade was ‘inevitable’ so they’d better try to get some goodies in return for their support. We gave them all much better, free advice here at Planet Gore — that cap-and-trade would be another BTU tax, and blow up in itsproponents’ faces. All they got was a black eye to show for their lobbying expense and peacocking.
CCX, Caterpillar . . . who is next on the cap-and-trade pantheon to fall from Olympus?


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