Schwarzenegger to Broker Subnational Climate Pact

by Chris Horner

O long-lost compacts clause, why have you forsaken me?

In California, Greens outspent Proposition 23 proponents three-to-one and win, while cap-and-trade proves to be political poison nationally (cue Democrats running against it, Obama declaring it dead until at least 2013, and Manchin shooting the bill). Arnold misreads the Election Day results as badly as his caricature misreads his lines when stopping in Springfield to make a movie with Fallout Boy (Milhaus):

Yesterday, Schwarzenegger sought to establish a link between California’s leadership on environmental issues and voters’ repudiation of a ballot initiative earlier this month that would have delayed the state’s landmark global warming law, A.B. 32. Voters rejected Proposition 23 by a 21-percent margin — enough to send a message to the rest of the world, he said.

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