Science: Climate Alarmism Causes Climate Doubt

by Greg Pollowitz

Hilarious. If you doubt Al Gore’s apocalyptic vision of the world, just blame Al Gore! Dot Earth:

Behavioral researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have found that  dire descriptions of global warming, in isolation, can cause people to recoil from acceptance of the problem. The work certainly supports criticisms of communication efforts such as the video shown at the opening ceremonies in climate talks in Copenhagen last year:


Similar findings, mostly from surveys, have been described here before. Remember “climate porn“? But the rigorous effort to test the idea in this new work is interesting.

Here’s a link to the paper, “Apocalypse Soon? Dire Messages Reduce Belief in Global Warming by Contradicting Just World Beliefs.” Some reactions of other researchers focused on such issues can be read below.

More broadly, the research, by Matthew Feinberg and Robb Willer, reinforces the case that a large part of the climate challenge is not out in the world of eroding glaciers and  limited energy choices, but inside the human mind.

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