Harry Reid to Joe Manchin: Cap-and-Trade Is Dead . . .

by Greg Pollowitz

But beware the EPA. West Virginia Metro News:

West Virginia got some good news this week from the state’s newest U.S. Senator.  Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters that he had assurances from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that cap-and-trade would not be taken up by the next Congress.

So Manchin, who famously used a rifle to shoot a hole in the cap-and-trade bill during the campaign, can confidently blow the smoke from the hot barrel. 

Take that, Washington. 

Except that inside The Beltway, the targets are constantly shifting.  A pronouncement of the death of the plan to limit carbon emissions in an attempt to impact climate, and raise prodigious amounts of money, often just means that the debate has moved to another front. 

True believers in the necessity to tax carbon and move away from coal are now going “all in” with the EPA.  After all, the agency has a U.S. Supreme Court decision (Massachusetts v. EPA) saying it has an obligation under the Clean Air Act to reverse global warming, otherwise the rising tides of Boston Harbor will one day make Beacon Hill look like Venice.

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