Reporting from Cancun: UN ‘Credibility in Danger’ if Progress Not Made on Climate


Is it all of that hard-won credibility in stopping the rape and mutilation of women in Africa that’s at risk of getting lost? Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has told a high-level session of global talks in Cancun that the credibility of the UN process is in danger if progress is not made.

The talks between almost 200 nations are into the final 24 hours and roadblocks still remain between rich and poor countries.

These include the global fund for poorer countries, the divide that remains between developing and developed nations and the issues of verification of emissions and transparency.

The pressure is on to make enough progress in Mexico so a legally binding deal can still occur in the future.

Mr Combet has told the high-level session the UN meetings are watched closely in Australia and people are distracted by negotiating tactics.

“It is imperative for the credibility of this process that we’re able to make progress here at this conference,” he said.

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