USA Today Attacks Fox News


“Survey: More Fox News, More Climate Doubts” blares the headline in USA Today this morning. Here’s the gist of it:

“The more Fox News you get, the less likely you are to trust scientists,” says Stanford public opinion expert Jon Krosnick. The November survey of 890 people found that, “more exposure to Fox News was associated with less endorsement of the views of mainstream scientists about global warming, and all of these relationships are statistically significant.”

The American Spectator’s Paul Chesser, however, points out what USA Today failed to mention about Krosnick:

[He] did the project for the university’s Woods Institute for the Environment, whose mission is “Creating Practical Solutions for People and the Planet.” And Krosnik is a university fellow at Resources for the Future.

The Woods Institute, you’ll remember, lamented major media outlets bothering to include global-warming skeptics in their stories. “Viewing an interview with a mainstream scientist only increased the number of people who believed that global warming has been happening and that humans have caused global warming,” it noted in a report. 

As for Krosnick, Marc Morano at Climate Depot recounts how other pollsters view his work:

Professor Krosnick’s polling results are so woeful that both Pew Research Center Survey and Gallup polling recently took the time to harshly reprimand him for his shoddy work.


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