Gov. Rick Perry vs. EPA

by Drew Thornley

Things are heating up down here in the Lone Star State, as the EPA Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz takes a shot at Gov. Rick Perry:

In a recent interview, Armendariz spoke of his childhood growing up amid pollution and blamed flawed state permits for allowing chemicals to seep into the environment and cause health problems.

“We have a governor that doesn’t understand that being protective of public health and the environment is good economic policy,” Armendariz said. “We have a governor who doesn’t understand that the overwhelming body of scientific evidence shows that greenhouse gases are dangerous for the environment, for our air, for our water, for our oceans. And he chooses to conduct state policy based on conspiracy theories and right-wing blogs.”

Armendariz, who believes “very strongly” in the mission of EPA, said the federal agency works closely with state and local governments to clean up pollution using science-based actions. Environmental activists and former Asarco LLC workers are currently petitioning Armendariz and EPA to designate a former smelter as a Superfund site.

Tension, though, has escalated between the agency and Texas over states’ rights and the agency’s declaration that some of the state’s pollution permits do not meet the legal requirements of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

Perry spokeswoman Lucy Nashed said that the state’s air is “significantly” cleaner since Perry took office 10 years ago and that “the increasingly activist EPA is ignoring the progress Texas has made to clean its air over the last decade” 

I just wonder what “scientific evidence” Mr. Armendariz is referring to. Given his assertion that all “right-wing blogs” are slanted, surely that source can’t be the IPCC, since he obviously abhors slanted sources.

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