Beijing Caps Car Sales

by Henry Payne

With its dictatorial ability to impose Green standards on its population, fascist China is the envy of U.S. Greens. The latest? reports that “Beijing municipal authorities have introduced stringent restrictions on new vehicle registrations on 1 January in the capital in an effort to ease congestion and air pollution. The city authorities announced they will only allow 240,000 new vehicle registrations this year — roughly one-third of last year’s total.”

Obamacrats must be drooling. Forget banning light bulbs, Chinese authorities are mandating the number of cars urban residents can buy.

“A monthly average of 20,000 new vehicle registrations will be allowed this year, or some 17,600 passenger vehicles per month. Individuals can submit just one vehicle registration application and must prove they are local Beijing residents, or foreigners who have been working in Beijing for at least a year. A monthly ‘lucky draw’ will be held to determine the successful applicants, the first scheduled to be held on 23 January.”

Next, Red China will be limiting the number of children families can bear. Oh, wait — they’ve already done that.

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