Lightbulb Fails to Go On for George Will

by Chris Horner

George F. Will writes a paean to new House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman Fred Upton today. It includes this third paragraph:

The capacious jurisdiction of Upton’s committee will allow him, if he so desires, to issue the biblical command “Let there be light” by pushing repeal of the 2007 law that, in 2014, effectively bans sales of incandescent light bulbs. This law, which creates a captive market for those annoying, twisty, flickering fluorescent bulbs, is protectionism disguised as environmentalism: It is corporate welfare for U.S. bulb makers afraid of competition from imported incandescents.

In the online and print editions of the Washington Post, at least, there is no mention of where that light-bulb ban came from.

It was a bill sponsored by a California Democrat and a Republican from Michigan. Three guesses who the Republican was.

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