Orwellism of the Day: Bulb Ban Is Freedom

by Henry Payne

In a leap of Orwellian logic, USA Today — America’s second-largest newspaper — argued in its lead editorial Tuesday that banning the incandescent light bulb is a victory for free markets.

“The best way for government to boost energy efficiency isn’t to micromanage by picking winners and losers, a job better suited to free-market innovation. It is to set a reasonable standard — miles per gallon or light per watt, for example — and let the market sort it out,” spins the editorial in support of picking winners and losers.“ That’s what Congress did in 2007” in banning the bulb.

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Banning is choice. Regulation is freedom.

One wonders if USA Today’s editors would tolerate this doublethink if applied to their own industry. Were Congress to ban newspapers in order to force them onto the more “planet-friendly” Internet, would USA Today swallow this as free-market economics?

Michigan View contributor Ted Nugent quipped that “Obama slept through the election” after a State of the Union address that stubbornly plowed ahead with the hyper-regulation of carbon and Big Government spending. Obama’s MSM allies were apparently snoozing on the couch next to him.

Or perhaps Obamedia is very awake. And they realize that — given the unpopularity of their radical green agenda — the only way to move if forward is with Newspeak that would make Big Brother blush.

Read more at the Michigan View.com, here.

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