Steyn Rips Chrysler Ad

by Henry Payne

Filling in for Rush on Monday, guest-host Mark Steyn took the news of Eminem’s Detroit-is-back Super Bowl ad and Chrysler-Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne’s “shyster loan” comment and went to town on Detroit.

“Unlike European cities, no bombs fell on this American city, this American city did it to themselves,” he said, taking offense at the ad’s protrayal of Detroit as a comeback city. He also zeroed in on Chrysler for taking corporate welfare then spending $9 million of it on a Super Bowl ad.

But his harshest criticism was for Detroit’s Democratic rule. “Detroit was a one-party state. It reduced this city to rubble,” he said. When a Florida caller phoned in to say he recently came to a Wings game, walked the riverfront, and found parts of downtown engaging, Steyn lowered the boom.

“”I went to Cairo recently,” he said. “And you could say the same things about it you just said about Detroit. But it’s not a place I would move my family. Detroit was once a great city. But the fact that it has to come back is a commentary on the Democratic Party’s rule there” that destroyed a once proud city.

Nailed it.

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