Sen. Stabenow’s ‘Big Oil’ Snake Oil

by Henry Payne

Assuming public ignorance and press obedience, Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow has joined other Washington Democrats in launching a dishonest attack on her favorite punching bag — Big Oil — that blames the petroleum industry for increased gas prices while proposing a solution that would drive costs up even further.

The shrill senator has announced plans for legislation repealing what she calls oil subsidies and forcing federal leaseholders to drill for oil or lose their lease.

“We need to stop oil companies from padding their profits with taxpayer dollars, increase domestic drilling, get tough on market manipulators, and continue to promote clean energy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and creates jobs in Michigan,” said Stabenow in ridiculing the $4 billion dollar annual federal subsidy to the oil industry.

But what she didn’t say — and her Michigan press parrots failed to report — is that the oil breaks pale in comparison to the massive subsidy Big Green Stabenow and her allies already hand out, even though green fuels produce a tiny fraction of American power.

A study by the independent Energy Information Agency, reports the Wall Street Journal, “found that ethanol and biofuels receive $5.72 per British thermal unit of energy produced. That compares to only three cents per BTU for . . . other petroleum liquids.”

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