Bulb Fight Ain’t Over Yet

by Henry Payne

“Although there was and is bipartisan support for the bill, a minority of Members chose to stand in the way of consumer choice,” says Michigan congressman and House Energy Chair Fred Upton following the failure of the House to overturn the incandescent-light-bulb ban. “It is my understanding that a similar amendment may also be offered on the Energy and Water Appropriations bill later this week, which will need only a majority to pass and will again bypass a lengthy committee process.”

Buoyed by the majority vote today (thanks to last fall’s tsunami election, in which voters sent GOPers to Washington to address outrages like the bulb ban), Upton has upped the stakes.

Once an advocate for the ban, Upton has seen the light. And he is determined that the lights stay on. Americans want their bulbs back.

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