UN Gets Serious about Security Threat!


And of course, the threat is climate change. From the BBC:

Climate change poses a major threat to future peace and security, a senior UN official has warned.

Achim Steiner from the UN Environment Programme said climate change would also “exponentially” increase the scale of natural disasters.

His comments followed a UN declaration of famine in parts of Somalia.

Meanwhile, Russia rejected a Security Council statement backed by Western nations which asserted the link, but later agreed to a weaker text.

The Russian envoy Alexander Pankin said he was sceptical about the implications of putting climate change on the security council’s agenda.

Security Council members finally agreed to a text which spoke of the “possible security implications” of climate change.

Let me get this straight: The United Nations, which has traditionally failed to see flying bullets, ethnic cleansing, and genocide as threats to international security, now wants to get involved with the “possible security implications” of climate change? 

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