Obama’s Nightmare Cruise

by Henry Payne

This weekend marks the 17th annual Woodward Dream Cruise, a national event that brings over a million people and some 30,000 cars of every stripe to Detroit’s “Main Street.” It is a uniquely American celebration of automotive genius, internal combustion, the democratization of travel, noise, crowds, and personal liberty.

In short, it is everything that President Obama and the Pelosi Democrats are not. No wonder Obama’s bus avoided Woodward during his Midwest swing.

The new GOP president would do well to come to the Cruise in 2013. For example, it would suit a President Perry’s anti-elitist nature (the Texas A&M grad enjoys his class clash with Yalie Dubya) and he would relish the contrast to Obama’s snobbish Martha’s Vineyard retreat.

And it would send a profound message that the long arm of the EPA has been withdrawn.

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