Left Coast Diary: Put Down That Phone!

by Henry Payne

Just back from a week in California’s police state — the bankrupt, Big Labor–controlled, cap-and-trade paradise that President Obama would like to impose on the entire 50 states.

It didn’t take long for me to run afoul of the law.

I circled crowded San Francisco airport in my Chevy rent-a-bucket coordinating a meeting place with my son (arriving on a separate flight) — keeping in touch with him via cell phone. Das ist verboten.

As I idled in the passenger pickup line I was aggressively approached by a Cal cop who demanded I put the phone down. I was in violation of Cal’s statewide cell-phone ban while driving. Trouble is, rent-a-car agencies haven’t adapted since the law was passed in 2008 (it’s worth noting, the law has had no effect in increased safety) by installing hands-free systems (no doubt, Herr LaHood at NHTSA is contemplating a national mandate), so I had little choice but to use my cell.

After I was out of sight of the cop, I was back on the phone to my son. Bad laws create a nation of scofflaws.

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