Left Coast Diary: ‘Go All Nancy Pelosi on Him’

by Henry Payne

Laguna Seca, California - Not all Californians drink the Far Left kool-aid. This beautiful state is also a longtime haven for liberty lovers — those who enjoy its open spaces, its entrepreneurial spirit, its melting pot of ambitious immigrants yearning to breathe free. These folks are no friends of the Nanny State.

One such group are auto racers, who enjoy some of the country’s great tracks year round thanks to mild coastal weather. (CARB hasn’t yet outlawed gas-guzzling race cars.) I spent a few days at Laguna Seca — one of the country’s premier racing venues on the gorgeous Monterey Peninsula south of San Fran — for a racing school.

Spend some time with the skilled Barber Racing School staff and the independence streak shines bright. The staff uses Nancy Pelosi, the state’s grating Big Government shrew, as an adjective for liberal.

“I want you to go all Nancy Pelosi with that black flag,” they would say if someone deserved a flag for poor driving.

She was a symbol for nanny too, as in: “I want you to go all Nancy Pelosi on him for that move.”

The “don’t-tread-on-me” spirit is still alive and well on the western frontier.

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