Germany’s Cautionary Tale

by Henry Payne

America’s Left — led by Green Church bishops Jennifer Granholm and Barack Obama — believe green internationalism is the future. That is, that the United States must not only transition to a green economy but enter global pacts in a New World Order.

But Germany is a cautionary tale.

The economic engine of continental Europe, Germany signed on to the Maastricht Treaty — and adoption of a single European currency, the Euro — in the 1990s. Now Germany is rueing that day, perhaps regretting that it had not followed the UK in resisting the siren call (despite a tsunami of protest against Britain from the “European community”). Instead, historically frugal Germany is now hostage to spendthrift fiscal cultures like Greece and Italy ” forcing Germany to rescue their debts lest the whole circus collapse.”

Compare Maastricht to the Kyoto Treaty, which the United States has refused to sign despite a torrent of criticism from the Green Church choir.

Now comes news that Germany is willfully starving itself of energy, so panicked is its green government over nuclear energy. Almost overnight, Germany has shut down half its nuclear production (8 of 17 plants), jeopardizing its industrial base, eliminating its profitable energy export business, and threatening national blackouts.

“Germany, in a very rash decision, decided to experiment on ourselves,” says Jürgen Grossmann, a utility CEO. “The politics are overruling the technical arguments.”

Beware America. This is how great nations fall — by ignoring their own self-interest and substituting religion for economics.

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