It’s the Regulations, Stupid

by Henry Payne

The canary in the Obamanomics pixie-dust mine has been American industry choking on green. From EPA’s carbon crusade to light bulbs to Obamacare, hyper-regulation has weakened the industrial jobs engine.

Ask jobs creators in Michigan what President Obama should do to resurrect the economy tonight, and the answer is uniform: Take your regulatory boot off our necks.

A variety of business people interviewed by the Detroit News editorial page this week spoke in one voice about Obama’s job-killing regs. “Stop over-regulating the industry. From the EPA lead laws to the new OSHA fall protection laws, we need to stop the barrage of Washington-based mandates,” said home builder and CEO Colin Herren, in a typical comment.

They all echo a Georgia retailer who put a finger on the cause of this job-starvation earlier this summer. Barack Obama as “the single biggest impediment to job growth today,” said Home Depot founder and business legend, Bernie Marcus. “Home Depot would never have succeeded if we’d tried to start it today. Every day you see rules and regulations from a group of Washington bureaucrats who know nothing about running a business.”

His extraordinary comments made barely made a ripple in the national media.

Most media bias is by omission, not commission, and the MSM’s failure to heed the job creators’ warning of the Obama regulatory cancer has itself harmed this economy. If the electorate isn’t informed about the problem, it can’t know the solutions.

The MSM has been remarkably clueless on why job creation has ground to a halt. “This summer’s protracted debt battle was a factor in darkening the mood of businesses and consumers,” wrote the Wall Street Journal’s liberal news pages (not to be confused with its conservative editorial page) in a typical report after the economy failed to create any jobs last month.

The “debt ceiling” stopped businessmen from hiring? Huh?

Simply put, the MSM doesn’t have a clue because it doesn’t talk to businessmen. Reporters talk to academics, and “administration officials” and other “experts” choking their rolodexes. The job creators, meanwhile, have been screaming under Obama’s regulatory steamroller for three years.

Hear them in the Midwest.

Here’s PVS Chemical’s Vice Chairman James M. Nicholson: “We are most worried about regulations. We’re seeing many more proposed regulations for everything from what comes out of the steam stack to the energy supply. “

And Jerry Grubb, owner of Wee Discover Child Daycare and Learning Center in Waterford, Michigan: “There are so many regulations. I’d like to hear him say he’s in favor of repealing Obamacare. I don’t know if Obamacare is going to cost me $200 or $2,000 per employee, but I do know that the costs are going to prohibit me from hiring or expanding. After a while, the diminishing returns after fighting all the regulations make some small-business owners finally say ‘forget about it.’”

And John Rakolta Jr., chairman of Walbridge Construction in Detroit: “We need a less oppressive regulatory environment.”

Can you hear me now? It’s the regulations, stupid.

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