Auto Buyers Ignore Obama

by Henry Payne

Barack Obama thinks that Solyndra solar panels are the future. He also thinks that Americans want to buy 35-mpg cars.

Despite Obama’s edict that all cars average 35.5 mpg by 2015 (ahem, that’s within the current product cycle), Americans are buying less fuel efficient vehicles, reports the Detroit News. Average fuel economy for all cars sold in September was only 22.1 mpg — down from 23 mpg last year, and well short of the current 25.5 mandate (average of 27.5 cars, 23.5 for trucks)

“Despite being at a 12-month low, average fuel economy for new vehicles sold is still 2 mpg better than in 2007,” says the News hopefully. Except that in another four years, average vehicle mpg will have to increase by — wait for it –13.4 mpg.

Of course, that figure is even more unrealistic than the current 25.5 standard — which automakers achieve through a combination of lobbyist-bought credits, loopholes, and other hocus pocus.

“Consumers care about mileage, but they also make car buying decisions on things like passenger room, cargo space and all-wheel drive,” says Gloria Berquist, a spokeswoman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

The Regulator-in-Chief will not be amused.

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