Duke Energy Funding the DNC Convention

by Greg Pollowitz

This is just hilarious. The 2012 Democratic convention, proudly brought to you buy a “. . .a diverse mix of generation resources, including nuclear, coal-fired, oil- and natural gas-fired, and hydroelectric power plants.

Via the National Legal Policy Center:

In March NLPC reported that Duke Energy guaranteed a $10 million loan to the Democratic National Committee to host its 2012 convention in Charlotte, NC – the utility’s hometown. Now Duke CEO James Rogers – who heads the fundraising effort as co-chair of the DNC host committee for the convention – is silent about how much money has been brought in so far.

“One of the things that the DNCC really impresses upon us is that we need to work hard, raise the money, not talk about how much we’ve raised at any time because we just need to keep the momentum going and continuing to raise the money,” Rogers told WFAE, Charlotte’s local public radio station and NPR affiliate.

According to the report, Rogers and his teammates are not allowed to solicit corporations and lobbyists for donations, and “the effort is challenging.” And the muteness about fundraising progress is telling, considering that DNC officials proclaimed the gathering would be “the most open and accessible convention in history.” Charlotte was awarded the 2012 confab based upon locals’ commitment to raise $36.6 million for it. According to The Charlotte Observer:

The DNCC’s contract with the host committee – a private nonprofit group – calls for monthly financial reports from local organizers. All contributions, it also says, “shall be disclosed publicly by the host committee within an agreed upon regular time frame.”

But no such disclosures have been made.

“At this point, we’ve decided we’re not ready,” host committee CEO Dan Murrey told the Observer when asked again recently how much money the group has raised. “I think we’re doing great.”

Translation: “We’re not doing so great.”

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