Coca-Cola’s Polar Bear Stunt

by Greg Pollowitz

The National Legal and Policy Center reports:

Coke’s Polar Bear Campaign Funds WWF Disinformation

Last month NLPC reported that during the holidays Coca-Cola will change its traditional red cans to white as part of an advertising campaign to raise $2 million for the World Wildlife Fund’s “polar bear conservation efforts.” This despite the fact that global polar bear populations are healthy (much larger than 50 years ago), their Arctic habitat is recovering, and the locations where a few of their numbers have declined in some cases are attributed to too much ice, not “global warming.”

Since polar bears are not endangered, it’s worthwhile to investigate what WWF activities the Coke money (which will also match other donations at the company’s Canadian Web site) will support. WWF is international, with separate chapters/Web sites for 48 different countries, but the Coke funding appears to largely go toward U.S. and Canadian efforts.

But take a step back here. Let’s say the polar bear was in danger of going extinct. All Coca-Cola can come up with is a paltry $2 million? What cheapskates.

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