Planet Dingell: Volt “selling like hotcakes”

by Henry Payne

Enraged over Mitt Romney’s recent comments that the struggling Chevy Volt may not be ready for prime time, GM cheerleader John Dingell huffed that Volts are “selling like hot cakes.” And Elvis is alive. And Greece is a model of fiscal health.

Michigan columnist Dan Calabrese reports on life on Planet Dingell:

On Thursday, I received a press release from Dingell, excoriating Mitt Romney for saying on a Boston radio station that the Chevy Volt is “an idea whose time has not come” . . . . Dingell’s press release ripped Romney for his dastardly attack on all that is good and decent. Yeah yeah. This sort of bluster is standard fare for Big Jawn.

But read through the press release and you come to this gem :

“Romney is the only fellow in the United States who appears to think that the Volt is an idea whose time has not come. Clearly it has not come to him,” said Michigan Congressman John Dingell. “The Volt is selling like hotcakes.”

Um, yeah . . . excuse me. It’s what?

Despite GM’s prediction that it would sell 10,000 Volts this year, it is currently languishing at 5,816 units sold, in spite of the fact that the federal government – at the behest of John Dingell and others – subsidizes each Volt sale to the tune of $7,500. That is not a very impressive sales figure for any car, but especially for a car that is supposed to be the latest, greatest thing.

Does John Dingell even know the Volt’s sales figures? How to explain this? One possibility is that Dingell actually believes the fiction that permeates political circles. Politicians love the Volt because it is everything they think a car should be. It’s “green”. It’s made by union labor. It’s subsidized by the government. It’s wonderful! It receives praise from Motor Trend and J.D. Power & Associates.

It has to be selling. It must be selling. Why wouldn’t it be selling? When you’re this steeped in the propaganda, there’s no need to check the actual sales figures. You just know, baby.

Read more at The Michigan View here.

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