Detroit Auto Show: Media Sticks Up for One Percenters

by Henry Payne

Cobo Center, Detroit — “Washington has to make bets on energy. Some bets will win, others will lose,” an earnest auto reporter with one of America’s big dailies told me at this week’s Detroit auto show.

Journalists like to claim that they are in the business to look out for the little guy. Thus, this theory goes, the MSM’s embrace of the Occupy movement.

The floor of Cobo Center belies that claim. There some of the biggest corporations on the planet showcase “green cars” paid for with millions of dollars of taxpayer money. This is welfare for the One Percent. Tesla, Ford, and Nissan are all on the dole with tax dollars subsidizing everything from mainstream Ford Explorer production in Chicago to multi-millionaire Elon Musk’s dream of a $50,000 electric sports sedan (pictured above) for the super-rich.

And most of the MSM here doesn’t bat an eye.

Indeed, they applaud this trickle-up economics. Watching out for the little guy? Carrying water for Big Government industrial policy is more like it.

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