Are You Ready for $9 Corn?

by Greg Pollowitz

Or we can just throw ethanol into the dustbin of history. CNBC:

Corn prices – which have already surged about 50 percent in the past two months – could go significantly higher if current trends hold up, and the effects might be felt throughout the economy.

Price momentum indicates corn could rise at least 21 percent over the next six months, putting $9.50 a bushel or even higher into play, according to a model used by the American Restaurant Association.

“It’s not infallible but it suggests that there’s definitely upside risk here in this market,” said David Maloni, president and founder of the ARA Group. “It’s alarming, that’s why we look at it. We would not be surprised to some type of blow-off occur in corn and soybeans in the coming weeks.”


Corn prices hit their lowest point in nearly two years in mid-June but have spiked violently as drought conditions have worsened across the country.

With little relief in sight, there’s growing belief from agriculture experts that the price trajectory for grains is decidedly higher.

“It just depends on how bad these crops are, and I’m not sure anybody knows how bad they are,” Maloni said. “We’re rationing corn and soybean demand. The question is how much demand do we have to ration? We don’t know and probably won’t know for sure until later this fall.”

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