Burn Baby Burn, Fisker Inferno

by Greg Pollowitz


A fire has claimed another privately owned Fisker Karma, the second such incident in just over three months.

Our friends at Jalopnik snagged the first image of the plug-in hybrid ablaze in a Woodside, California, parking lot as the owner stopped to buy groceries. No one was reportedly injured during the episode.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but the damage to the Karma appears to have consumed the driver’s side section of the hood, right above where the exhaust outlet protrudes underneath the bodywork.

The fire is the second such incident to take place this year, with another Fisker engulfing an owner’s garage in Sugar Land, Texas, this past May. The cause of that fire is still under investigation, and comes less than two months after the automaker and its battery partner — A123 Systems — recalled over 600 Karmas due to a possible battery defect.

Another recall was issued in December to reposition a hose clamp that could potentially cause coolant to leak onto the battery, creating a short and possibly starting a fire. Some 239 Karmas were recalled for that defect, with more included in an additional recall in June.

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