Hurricane Politics? Romney Roll Call on Monday

by Greg Pollowitz

New York Times:

Mitt Romney’s quest to clinch the Republican presidential nomination may be realized Monday, two days earlier than expected.

Plans are underway for Romney to be nominated Monday — not Wednesday — because of a potential threat from Tropical Storm Isaac and concerns about a possible disruption during the roll call vote from Ron Paul supporters at the Republican National Convention.

At previous conventions, the nomination has come on the eve of the acceptance speech. Romney still will deliver that speech on Thursday evening, but the change would carry significance because he could accept general election money as soon as he is the official nominee.

“The roll call will take place on Monday,” said Jim Dyke, a convention spokesman, who dismissed suggestions of a schedule change.

The schedule, according to discussions underway among party officials, has as much to do with a desire to keep an orderly convention next week as it does with Isaac. That storm was approaching the Dominican Republic and Haiti late Thursday and was expected to become a hurricane Monday in the Gulf of Mexico, with Florida not ruled out of danger.

I think it’s a smart move. If you look at the latest Hurricane Isaac update, the storm has moved west, putting the ever-fragile New Orleans in “the cone.”

This way, if Isaac does become a major storm, the RNC can just shut everything down and focus on the people affected and the damage.

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