Alarmists Lament That Climate Change Is No Longer an Issue

by Greg Pollowitz

Via Grist:

What do you do when climate change drops out of politics? Whatever you can

We’re in a weird moment here. It’s obvious that there won’t be any political movement on climate change in America any time soon. The Democratic Party, the party that once at least displayed a green banner, has tucked the issue away until after November. There’s been only one real mention of the issue at the convention, from Bill Clinton — less than half a second of his 48 minutes. Clinton is both highly popular and not running for anything, so it was easy for him to do.

If the party wanted to focus on climate, Bill isn’t even the Clinton administration official one would ask. But his vice president, Al Gore, isn’t in Charlotte; instead, he’s covering the convention for his doomed cable channel, Current. An anonymous person told The Daily that Gore boycotted the Democratic convention because “he doesn’t get along with President Obama and is disappointed that Obama hasn’t pushed harder for a cap-and-trade law that would force Americans to use less fossil fuels.” Yeah, right. Convention organizers who’ve shown no desire to talk climate would have no incentive to offer the unpopular and polarizing former VP a speaking role.

Why Gore isn’t there is unimportant. What’s important is that Gore is now equivalent to climate change, and neither made it to Charlotte. Climate change is just getting mentions around the fringes, tiny bones from Clinton and delegates — and from activists outside the hall.

Actually, Gore has himself to blame thanks to his over-the-top rhetoric.

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