If You Don’t Believe What John Lennon’s Son Says, You Should’ve Been Aborted


Love is all we need!

John Lennon’s son has said that a woman who disagreed with his viewpoint ‘should have been aborted’.

Sean Ono Lennon, the musician son of the late Beatle and Yoko Ono, became so enraged with a woman on Twitter who called him and his mother hypocritical that he told her: ‘You are an argument for abortion.’

Lennon, 36, and his mother recently founded Artists Against Fracking, a group that campaigns against fracking – the extraction of natural gas and petroleum by fracturing rock – and has attracted major backing in liberal Hollywood.

Son and mother appeared on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show in August to talk about why they started the group and to sing a song entitled Don’t Frack My Mother.

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Oh, and the bonus here:

John Lennon Stopped Yoko Ono From Having Abortion of Son Sean

Good thing John was not as casual with the unborn as his son.


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