Still Waiting for Gov. Cuomo to Approve Fracking in NYS

by Greg Pollowitz

The New York Post editors today:

Andrew’s Endless Stall

The Cuomo folks were at it again last week — pretending that the governor could possibly maybe one day allow fracking in this state.

On Friday, Department of Environmental Conservation boss Joe Martens admitted that experts set to review the “health impacts” of fracking (drilling for gas or oil in underground shale) have yet to be chosen.

But not to worry; they’ll be picked “soon.”

Martens, of course, couldn’t (wouldn’t?) say exactly when they’d be on the job, let alone when they’d finish. (If ever.)

Oh, and if the review’s not done by Nov. 29? Well, in that case, under state law, there’d have to be even more hearings . . .

Same old, same old.

Cuomo may not realize it, or maybe he doesn’t care, but his credibility is being tested here, big-time.

And the message he’s sending — that the economy and job-creation are not priorities for him — probably isn’t lost on investors, businesses, job-seekers . . .

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